10 Ways to Ensure your DCIM Software Tool Decision Doesn’t Result in Expensive Shelfware

Among the promises and hype of many large DCIM vendors, we’ve put together a list of 10 things to take into consideration when choosing your solution.


  • 1. Have clear objectives about what you want your DCIM tool to deliver
  • 2. Ignore sales & marketing noise that tries to make you buy “nice to haves”
  • 3. Avoid “closed” systems with high integration and implementation costs
  • 4. Allocate sufficient resources to the collection and importing of accurate data. This always takes longer than estimated
  • 5. Think of DCIM as a process not as software, if you don’t have the internal resource to manage your ASSETS, CAPACITY and CONNECTIVITY consider buying DCIM as a Service
  • 6. DCIM works very well in a “silo”, although more value is realised when it is used as “Silo-Busting” technology – focus on proving the value in your silo. Trying to promote “silo-busting” technology across embedded silos can be a long and frustrating task!
  • 7. Evaluate a wide range of DCIM tools, not just those that sponsor Gartner!
  • 8.Carry out a Proof of Concept
  • 9. Don’t pay too much for software licenses and features that you don’t need. At least a third of your DCIM budget should be spent on implementation services
  • 10. Ensure your project team has experience of DCIM software migrations

By ensuring you consider each of the points above you should end up with a solution that genuinely fits in with your facility and saves you money, rather than splashing out on a solution with a large marketing budget behind it!

AIT offer a comprehensive range of DCIM solutions and services and are trusted advisers for some of the worlds largest organisations. To find out more about how DCIM can help you contact us here.

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